A Clockwork Orange


A Clockwork Orange

A sadistic teen is incarcerated for killing a woman, and in order to gain his freedom, he agrees to participate in a behavior-modification program that works, leaving him helpless against his former victims.


Classics, Crime, Drama, Film, Indie, Sci-Fi, Sciencefiction, Thriller, adaptation


Neil Wilson, Katya Wyeth, Jan Adair, Cheryl Grunwald, David Prowse, Pauline Taylor, Virginia Wetherell, John J. Carney, Madge Ryan, Gaye Brown, Barrie Cookson, Craig Hunter, Gillian Hills, Prudence Drage, Shirley Jaffe, Steven Berkoff, John Clive, Michael Gover, Adrienne Corri, Richard Connaught, Michael Tarn, George O'Gorman, Aubrey Morris, Philip Stone, John Savident, Lee Fox, Miriam Karlin, Malcolm McDowell, Anthony Sharp, Sheila Raynor, Patrick Magee, Godfrey Quigley, Michael Bates, Paul Farrell, Margaret Tyzack, Clive Francis, James Marcus, Peter Burton, Barbara Scott, Carol Drinkwater, Lindsay Campbell, Vivienne Chandler, Warren Clarke, Carl Duering


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