Best in Show


Best in Show

Mockumentary master Christopher Guest takes aim at a prestigious dog show in this blue-ribbon comedy. Guest co-wrote, directed and stars with a great ensemble cast that includes Parker Posey, co-writer Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara and Fred Willard. Most of the film was improvised. Michael Hitchcock, Michael McKean.


Comedies, Comedy, Film, Indie, Mockumentaries, animals, mockumentary, satire


Hiro Kanagawa, Larry Miller, Don S. Davis, Cody Greg, Tony Alcantar, Carrie Aizley, Scott Williamson, Will Sasso, Jane Lynch, Christopher Guest, Patrick Cranshaw, Dave Cameron, Rachael Harris, Lynda Boyd, Deborah Theaker, Stephen E. Miller, Bob Balaban, Catherine O'Hara, Madeleine Kipling, Don Emslie, Eugene Levy, Andrew Johnston, John Michael Higgins, Andrew Wheeler, Michael Hitchcock, Merrilyn Gann, Fulvio Cecere, Linda Kash, Jim Piddock, Fred Willard, Dany Canino, Corrine Koslo, Jay Brazeau, Jay-Lyn Green, Ed Begley Jr., Harold Pybus, Camille Sullivan, Teryl Rothery, Parker Posey, Don Lake, Lewis Arquette, Michael McKean, Malcolm Stewart, Doane Gregory, Jehshua Barnes, Melanie Angel, Earlene Luke, Jennifer Coolidge, Colin Cunningham, Steve Porter, Cleo A. Laxton


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