Cabins in the Wild With Dick Strawbridge


Cabins in the Wild With Dick Strawbridge

Engineer Dick Strawbridge and master craftsman Will Hardie follow an incredible competition to build a pop-up hotel made up of eight stunning and unique cabins.


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In this episode...
The first round of the competition features a battle of the dragons, as a cabin built to resemble a dragon's eye faces off against a dragon's claw
In this episode...
The second episode sees two of the competition's most innovative designs, as Dick champions a luxury design inspired by a Welsh national coal pit and Will meets the builders of a modernist unit made of slate.
In this episode...
The cabins this time include a laser-cut project inspired by the legend of King Arthur, a double-decker tepee, and a luxury getaway on a sea fort.
In this episode...
This week, an ambitious treehouse cabin takes on a stylish tin-clad cabin with a major trick up its sleeve. Will Hardie travels to Wales to visit a former agricultural barn transformed into a charming waterside retreat. Plus, Dick and Will's own luxury cabin is completed and transported to Snowdonia before it's time for the competition judges to decide which cabin will be crowned the winner.