Catherine Cookson, The Moth


Catherine Cookson, The Moth

The Moth opens in 1913 as talented carpenter Robert Bradley leaves the Jarrow shipyards for a job in his uncle's furniture business.





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In this episode...
When his father dies, Robert Bradley gives up his job in the shipyards to work in his uncle's carpentry shop. Life with his domineering uncle isn't easy but an encounter with a strange girl locally known as The Moth, bring changes in his life. Accused of making his cousin pregnant Robert leaves his uncle's house for pastures new.
In this episode...
Robert secures a handyman's job on the local estate and soon makes an enemy of Dave Waters, the family's old retainer. But it is his blossoming relationship with the eldest daughter, and her father's untimely death which brings trouble to the household.
In this episode...
Cousin Carrie gives birth to a stillborn child on Christmas Day. Shortly before her death, she admits that Robert was not the father. The Thorman household is falling apart and Waters blames Robert.