Doctor Who: The Best of The Third Doctor


Doctor Who: The Best of The Third Doctor

The ultimate Jon Pertwee digital collection, including Spearhead from Space, The Three Doctors, The Green Death and Planet of the Spiders.


Sci-Fi & Fantasy



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In this episode...
The invasion begins as Auton shop dummies come to life and attack the public. The Doctor and UNIT infiltrate Auto Plastics where the Doctor faces the Nestene consciousness.
In this episode...
Omega reveals his intention for the Doctors to take his place in eternal exile. But even he may no longer be able to escape.
In this episode...
The Doctor's past has caught up with him, and now he must risk death to save the universe from the evil clutches of the Great One.
In this episode...
Cliff is dying and the maggots are on the verge of transforming into giant flying insects. Time is running out for the Doctor as BOSS launches its plan for world domination. Can the Doctor stop the deadly maggots, save Cliff's life and stop the megalomaniacal computer?