Drillbit Taylor


Drillbit Taylor

Three picked-on teens (Troy Gentile, Nate Hartley, David Dorfman) hire a tough-guy ex-soldier (Owen Wilson) to protect them from the high-school bully in this smashing comedy. Leslie Mann costars as an English teacher who takes a liking to Taylor. Directed by Steve Brill from a script by Kristofor Brown and Seth Rogen; produced by Judd Apatow. Adam Baldwin, who starred in the similarly themed "My Bodyguard," has a cameo as a disgruntled bodyguard.


Comedy, Drama, Film, comedy-drama


Hynden Walch, Mo Gallini, Josh Peck, Leslie Mann, Lisa Ann Walter, Stacy Arnell, Joe Wilson, Robert Allen Mukes, Katie Gill, Matt Besser, Chris Stein, Janet Varney, Cedric Yarbrough, Andrew Caldwell, Amir Perets, Ellen H. Schwartz, Casey Boersma, Kyle Kaplan, Troy Gentile, Owen Wilson, Samira Damavandi, Blaise Garza, Robert Musgrave, Steve Bannos, Stephen Root, Alison Martin, David Dorfman, Nate Hartley, Valerie Tian, Alex Frost, Lisa Lampanelli, Ian Roberts, Beth Littleford, David Bowe, George Anton, Dylan Boersma, Jareb Dauplaise, Rakefet Abergel, Meredith Deane, Cristos, Roger Fan, Danny McBride, Eddy Martin, Austin Rogers


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