Eddie the Eagle


Eddie the Eagle

Entertaining biopic of Michael "Eddie the Eagle" Edwards, whose participation in the 1988 Winter Olympics marked the first time a Brit had ever competed at ski jumping. Edwards trains for the sport with a former champ, and finds fame as a lovable loser who's just trying his best.


Comedies, Comedy, Drama, Sports, Sports Comedies, profile, skiing, winter olympics


Guna Gultniece, Michael Jeffries, Anthony Chisholm, Rune Temte, Jassie Mortimer, Bron James, Christopher Walken, Tony Paul West, Ania Sowinski, Tim McInnerny, Ruth Shaw, Tomasz Dabrowski, Martyn Mayger, Russell Balogh, Mads Sjøgård Pettersen, Jo Hartley, Anastasia Harrold, Karl Farrer, Taron Egerton, Graham Fletcher-Cook, Daniel Ings, Edvin Endre, Katie Hudson, Caolan McClafferty, Lasco Atkins, Mac Pietowski, Hugh Jackman, Marc Benjamin, Garry Moore, Jessica Williams


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