Escaping Polygamy


Escaping Polygamy

People trapped in polygamy are helped.


Documentary, Drama, Non-fiction, Nonfiction, Reality TV, family issues, reality, social issues



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In this episode...
In the Season 3 premiere, Jessica and Andrea receive word from Jesse. He is a father desperate to escape the AUB, which is a polygamous group that all but forces their members into a life of polygamy. But, a secret about Jesse's dark past is revealed, putting the team in danger.
In this episode...
Part 1 of 2. Jessica and Kollene continue the dangerous mission of helping Suzette find her daughter, Rosie, but complications develop when they realize Suzette's manipulative and potentially violent sister-wife is guarding Rosie's every move. Meanwhile, Jessica takes a public and political stance against polygamy in a controversial hearing before Utah legislature.
In this episode...
The ladies help the son of the FLDS leader get his brother to escape the cult, but tensions flare as the team realize they're being monitored by FLDS men who are taught to fight outsiders at all costs.