Hunky Dory


Hunky Dory

In this charming comedy-drama set during the summer of 1976, an idealistic teacher faces animosity from her colleagues and concerned parents when she stages a contemporary take on Shakespeare's "The Tempest" featuring popular music.


Comedy, Drama, Music, Musicals_Dance_Theatre


Glyn Pritchard, Jodie Davis, Steve Speirs, Lauren Bennet, Alun Raglan, Jonny Vaughton, Russel Gomer, Minnie Driver, Lewis Coster, Haydn Gwynne, Clive Brill, Danielle Branch, David Garner, Kayleigh Bennett, Kristian Gwilliam, Connagh Howard, Ryan Hacker, Rebecca Watkins, Di Botcher, Owen Teale, Sam Pulsford, Rhys Rusbatch, James Morgan, Robert Pugh, Darren Evans, Kimberley Nixon, George MacKay, Roger Evans, Hollie Blundell, Dafydd Llyr-Thomas, Sam Shervill, Aled Pugh, Julia Perez, Becky Craven, Aneurin Barnard, Adam Byard, Janice Watts, Tom Rhys Harries, Kyle Lewis


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