Hunter Gatherer


Hunter Gatherer

In this offbeat drama, an enterprising ex-con is determined to woo back an estranged girlfriend upon his return to his South Los Angeles neighborhood, only to find that she plans to marry a sanitation worker. Undeterred, he and his medical-test-subject partner embark on several quirky entrepreneurial schemes that only make his itinerant life more complicated.


Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Dramas, Independent Dramas, Independent Films


James W. Orange, Jennifer Bowman, Jeanetta Arnette, Kevin Jackson, Nicholas Anthony Reid, Myles Cranford, Dal Conner, Ashley Wilkerson, Johnnie Johnson lll, J.R. Starr, DeMorge Brown, Celestial, George Sample III, Larry 'Flash' Jenkins, Mysti Bluee, Alexis Delarosa, Kellee Stewart, Derrick Brooks, Dave Williams, Karina Bonnefil, Antonio D. Charity, Andre Royo


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