Let Him Have It


Let Him Have It

Fact-based story set in 1952 London about a mentally handicapped epileptic sentenced to death for a killing committed by his buddy.


Film, crime drama, history


Norman Rossington, James Bowers, Peter Jonfield, Serena Scott Thomas, Karl Johnson, Robert Morgan, Rudolph Walker, Micky Poppins, Iain Cuthbertson, Ronald Fraser, Denny Kirk, Michael Elphick, Tony Sands, James Villiers, Murray Melvin, Victoria Moore, Geoffrey Drew, Ian Deam, James Snell, Paul Reynolds, Karen Lewis, Craig Turner, Peter Eccleston, Delia Lindsay, Eileen Atkins, Clare Holman, Christopher Atkins, Vernon Dobtcheff, Linda Bassett, Daniel Brazier, Niven Boyd, Clive Revill, Christopher Eccleston, Joe Melia, Glyn Grain, Alan Starkey, Michael Gough, Jeremy Sinden, Lottie Ward, Arthur Whybrow, Chris Darwin, Colin McCormack, Charlie Creed-Miles, Jimmy Flint, Mark McGann, William Waghorn, Rebecca Eccleston, Linda Marlowe, Ben Brazier, Joan Heal, Terence Skelton, Matthew De Vere, Lucy Boulting, Bert Tyler-Moore, Tom Bell, Peter Eyre, Tom Courtenay, Viv Warrentz, Billy Dean, Steve Nicholson, Francis Hope


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