Love Is Strange


Love Is Strange

A committed gay couple's fledgling marriage is challenged by a series of unexpected setbacks in this powerful drama. When George is fired from his teaching position at a Catholic school, he and Ben lose the NYC apartment they have shared for 20 years. Now in order to get back on their feet, they are both forced into uncomfortable living arrangements that put their union to the ultimate test.


Drama, Independent Dramas, Independent Films


Dovie Currin, Darren E. Burrows, John Lithgow, Cheyenne Jackson, Julia Meynert, Eric Tabach, Ira Spaulding, Henry Crouch, Marisa Tomei, Olya Zueva, Sebastian LaCause, John Cullum, Manny Perez, Anahi Vidal, Andrew Polk, Riko Higuma, Christian Coulson, Jeff Goad, Daphne Gaines, Michael J. Burg, Charlie Tahan, Alfred Molina, Christina Kirk, Adriane Lenox, Jim Newman, Tank Burt, Christopher King, Tatyana Zbirovskaya, David "Bear" Bell, Harriet Harris, Jason Stuart, Maryann Urbano


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