Michael Clayton


Michael Clayton

George Clooney is superb in this intelligent and complex character study of a burned-out "fixer" at a powerful corporate law firm in New York City who faces a crisis of conscience as he comes to grips with his amoral actions. Written and directed by Tony Gilroy.


Action, Adventure, Crime, Crime Dramas, Crime Films, Drama, Mystery, Thriller


Neal Huff, Amy Hargreaves, Pamela Gray, Rachel Black, Julia Gibson, Robert Prescott, Tilda Swinton, Jordan Lage, Matthew Detmer, Merritt Wever, Christopher Mann, Kevin Hagan, Maggie Siff, Susan Egbert, Brian Koppelman, Austin Williams, Jennifer Van Dyck, Ken Howard, George Clooney, Julie White, Sean Cullen, David Lansbury, Remy Auberjonois, Katherine Waterston, Paul Juhn, Denis O'Hare, Sarah Nichols, Tom Wilkinson, Michael O'Keefe, Alberto Vasquez, Doug McGrath, Susan Pellegrino, Sam Gilroy, Susan McBrien, Bill Raymond, Sharon Washington, Frank Wood, Rachael Black, Brian Poteat, Sydney Pollack, Gregory Dann, David Zayas, Richard Hecht, Heidi Armbruster, Terry Serpico, Wai Chan, Pun Bandhu


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