Mike the Knight, The Christmas Star


Mike the Knight, The Christmas Star

Once in a generation a falling star lands in the kingdom and guides Santa safely to Glendragon. When the light of their Christmas Star goes out, Mike embarks on a mission to find a new one just in time to guide Santa to Glendragon for Christmas.





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In this episode...
Mike sets out to find a new Christmas Star to guide Santa’s sleigh but disaster strikes when Santa’s sleigh is misdirected and his presents are lost.
In this episode...
Mike becomes convinced that he needs an extra horse to help him win a sleigh race but he loses control and only narrowly escapes disaster.
In this episode...
When Evie’s spell goes wrong and shoots Mr Cuddles through the air, Mike, Richard and Evie set out to save him.
In this episode...
Mike, Sparkie and Squirt go to Dragon Mountain to find Fire Stones to keep his mum warm. But Sparkie has a cold and his spark begins to freeze!