Moscow on the Hudson


Moscow on the Hudson

Disappointed with the lack of opportunity in his homeland, a musician with the Moscow circus defects to America during his troupe's trip to New York. He finds housing with the help of an African-American security guard who sends him to live with his family in Harlem. As the musician struggles to get accustomed to American life, he forms relationships with fellow immigrants and native New Yorkers alike, all the while fearing retribution by his old KGB handlers.


Comedy, Film, comedy-drama


Oleg Rudnik, Antonia Rey, Sina Kasper, Joe Lynn, Annabella Turco, Stephanie Cotsirilos, Robin Williams, Paul Davidovsky, Joyce R. Korbin, Juanita Mahone, Robert Macbeth, Elya Baskin, Tiger Haynes, Ken Fitch, Donna Ingram-Young, Olga Talyn, Betsy Mazursky, Michael T. Laide, Maria Conchita Alonzo, Alejandro Rey, Alexander Narodetzky, Dana Lorge, Kaity Tong, Jose Rabelo, Royce Rich, Armand Dahan, Christopher Wynkoop, Murray Grand, Sal Carollo, Rosetta Le Noire, Yakov Smirnoff, James Prendergast, Kim Chan, David Median, Andrei Kramarevsky, Kikue Tashiro, Arkady Shabashev, Lyman Ward, Filomena Spagnuolo, Natalie Iwanow, Yury Belov, Paul Mazursky, Linda Kerns, Michael Greene, Vladimir Tukan, Adalberto Santiago, Ludmila Kramarevsky, Jim Goodfriend, Fred Strother, Aleksandr Beniaminov, Ivo Vrzal, George Kelly, Luis Ramos, Eric Orbom, Cleavant Derricks, Igor Panich, Barbara Montgomery, Emil Feist, Mark Rutenberg, Edye Byrde, Joy Todd, Jurij Gotowtschikow, Jacques Sandulescu, Sam Stoneburner, Pierre Orcel, Anthony Cortino, Robert Kasel, Yury Olshansky, Brandon Rey, Savely Kramarov, Sam Moses, Thomas Ikeda, Anne E. Wile, Donald King


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