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Paid in Full

Charles Stone III, who directed the "Whassup!" Budweiser commercials, is the driving force behind this powerful fact-based drama set in 1986. Wood Harris is superb as a straight-arrow Harlem delivery man who gets involved selling drugs and becomes the premier distributor of cocaine in his neighborhood. Mekhi Phifer, Kevin Carroll, Cam'ron.


Action, Action & Adventure, Action_Adventure, Crime, Crime Action & Adventure, Drama


Chi McBride, Elise Neal, Anthony Clark, Jesse Gibbons, Martin Roach, Joyce Walker Joseph, Flash, Angela Martinez, Jamie Hector, Hassan Johnson, Jermaine Lloyd, Wood Harris, Wes Williams, Ramon Marroquin, Khalida Outlaw, Raven Dauda, Cam'ron, Derrick Simmons, Geoffrey Antoine, Clarence Ford, Pedro Salvin, Nelson Tynes, Esai Morales, Karen Andrew, Tobias Truvillion, Eduardo Gómez, Ron C. Jones, Jason Burke, Kevin Carroll, Jonas Chernick, Remo Green, Rohan Waugh, Cynthia Martells, K.C. Collins, Bruce Robinson, Noreaga, Damon Dash, Terrance Telfair, Regina Hall, Arnold Pinnock, Rufus Crawford, Doug E. Fresh, Mekhi Phifer, Busy Bee, Cynthia Martels, Tyson Hall, Michael Pope


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