Paranormal Adoption


Paranormal Adoption

When Rich and Lynn lose their only child to a drowning accident in their own backyard pool, they seek to rid themselves of the associated guilt and find healing and closure in their lives. Another pregnancy fails to occur after years of trying, and they resort to adoption. Their intention of adopting a newborn child is not granted and they are persuaded to consider adopting a beautiful nine year old girl ( Lacy ) who is the same age as their deceased daughter was at the time of her death. Lacy has some extraordinary issues like carrying around a strange looking doll, with moveable eyes and mouth, that she insists is alive. Lynn and Rich are assured by the adoption agency that this behavior is a temporary coping mechanism that will go away as soon as she is placed in a loving home. Lacy has other issues as well that became evident when she had been in previous foster care, but the adoption agency refuses to elaborate as they feel that those issues are not relevant to a successful adoption. Lacy's only friend is a strange charactery-looking, adult, deaf, mute janitor with some artistic capabilities. He and Lacy seem to have a special relationship and are able to communicate easily in some unusual way. The couple adopts Lacy and the newly formed family life starts out happy, but then slowly decays into unspeakable tragedies. The doll and Lacy both seem to have paranormal powers that they use in very creative and malicious ways when they are not getting what they want . The local bully at Lacy's school who taunts Lacy about carrying a doll to school is tricked by Lacy into walking in front of a moving car. Lacy also is caught having a seance with her doll who comes to life and speaks in the voice of the couple's deceased child. Events such as these trigger Lynn's borderline insanity causing a nervous breakdown and subsequent strain on her marriage. Lynn is suspicious of Lacy's mischief but her husband Rich is only sees Lacy as a loving child and this also drives a wedge into their marriage. A babysitter left with Lacy is found dead in their home while Lacy is asleep. Lynn seeks help in dealing with Lacy by hiring a second retired nun babysitter who also has paranormal powers and experience in dealing with demonic possession. This woman also turns up dead. The resulting investigation by the police uncovers facts that put a further strain on the couple's marriage. There are questions about whether these deaths are murder and, if so, who the perpetrator(s) are and what their motives would be. These disturbing questions are all answered at the at the twisted conclusion of the film.




Piper Watts, Marina Lyon, William Morse


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