Purgatory House


Purgatory House

Neophyte director/producer Cindy Baer helms the quirky goth afterlife drama Purgatory House, written by the prodigious 14-year-old scenarist Celeste Davis (who also stars). Davis plays Silver Strand, a backward teen who, disgusted with her status as a social pariah and unfulfilled goth hopeful, decides to off herself. She winds up in a purgatory realm that resembles a sketchy juvenile-delinquency home, watched over by Saint James, a caretaker perpetually dressed in a white suit (and played by Tom Hanks' younger brother, Jim Hanks). Once there, Silver must watch the activities of her Earthbound friends on the "Earth TV" network, and is forced to wear the same clothes and makeup over and over again.


Drama, Film, coming of age, teens


Ryan Wolfe, Jean Paul Toshiro, Rhiannon Main, Johnny Pacar, Celeste Davis, Jim Hanks, Devin Witt, Ben D'Aubery


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