Smokey and the Bandit


Smokey and the Bandit

The Bandit, a charismatic bootlegger, takes a bet to ship a truck full of beer from Texas to Arkansas. While pulling off the stunt, he falls in love with a woman engaged to the son of a dyspeptic sheriff who takes it upon himself to stop Bandit.


Comedy, Crime, Film, action/adventure


Mike Henry, Mel Pape, Laura Lizer, Alfie Wise, Paul Williams, Lamar Jackson, Hank Worden, Ronnie Gay, Susan McIver, Quinnon Sheffield, Sally Field, Jackie Gleason, Linda McClure, Ingeborg Kjeldsen, Pat McCormick, Macon McCalman, Jerry Reed, Michael Mann, Burt Reynolds, George Reynolds, David Huddleston, Sonny Shroyer


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