Stay Alive


Stay Alive

When Hutch's best friend Loomis is a victim in a violent massacre, Hutch ends up with the game he was playing just before he died. The game is technically illegal and Hutch and his friends can't resist booting it up. The game resurrects Countess Bathory, who centuries ago was walled up in her tower when her crimes were discovered. Now, she is fulfilling her vow to return to resume her reign of terror. This time her victims are gamers who will die in the same way in life as they do in the game.


Film, Horror, suspense/thriller


Rio Hackford, J. Richey Nash, Veronica Mosgrove, Jimmi Simpson, Jim Bishop, Frankie Muniz, Billy Slaughter, Monica Monica, Adam Goldberg, Sophia Bush, April Wood, Maria Kalinina, Wendell Pierce, Amber Nicolai, Nicole Opperman, Lauren Lorbeck, Billy Louviere, James Haven, Milo Ventimiglia, Richey Nash, Jon Foster, Samaire Armstrong


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