The Glimmer Man


The Glimmer Man

Known to government agents as "The Glimmer Man," independent police detective Jack Cole is paired with homicide detective Jim Campbell and the two are called upon to help stop a serial killer from terrorizing the streets of L.A. Steven Seagal, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Bob Gunton, Brian Cox, Michelle Johnson, John M. Jackson, Stephen Tobolowsky, Peter Jason, Ryan Cutrona, Richard Gant, Johnny Strong.


Action, Action_Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Film, Thriller, action/adventure, guy flick, suspense/thriller


Albert Wong, Stephen Tobolowsky, Stacy Studen, Kevin White, Nikki Cox, George Fisher, Alexa Vega, Robert Gunton, George Couts, Paul Raci, Patricia Carraway, Harris Laskawy, Bibi Osterwald, Blake Lindsley, Mireille Fournier, Freda Foh Shen, Michelle Johnson, John P. Gulino, Johnny Strong, Sid Conrad, Jesse Stock, Stephen Mills, Richard Tanner, Robert Mailhouse, Paige Rowland, Richard Gant, Nancy Yee, Brian Cox, Steven Seagal, Bob Gunton, Victor Ivanov, Keenen Ivory Wayans, John Bluto, Michael Bryan French, Ryan Cutrona, Fritz Coleman, Ellis Williams, Susan Reno, Wendy Robie, John M. Jackson, Michael Tamburro, Dennis Cockrum, Peter Jason


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