The Green Mile


The Green Mile

Tom Hanks stars in this Best Picture nominee, a powerful Stephen King drama. It's the inspiring story of a prison guard (Hanks) who befriends a death-row inmate (Michael Clarke Duncan) and discovers that miracles can occur in the most unlikely places. David Morse, Bonnie Hunt, Gary Sinise. Frank Darabont ("The Shawshank Redemption") directed and wrote the script.


Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Film, Mystery, Thriller, adaptation, paranormal, suspense/thriller


Gary Imhoff, Brent Briscoe, Van Epperson, Christopher Ives, Rachel Singer, Paula Malcomson, David Morse, Eve Brent Ashe, Bonnie Hunt, Mark C. Miles, Bill McKinney, Scotty Leavenworth, Bill Sadler, Rai Tasco, Edrie Warner, Rebecca Klingler, James Cromwell, Graham Greene, David E. Browning, Katelyn Leavenworth, Tom Hanks, Evanne Drucker, Harry Dean Stanton, Bailey Drucker, Dee Croxton, Patricia Clarkson, Doug Hutchison, Sam Rockwell, Michael Clarke Duncan, Michael Jeter, Dabbs Greer, Bill Gratton, Brian Libby, Gary Sinise, Jeffrey DeMunn, Barry Pepper


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