The Rose Tattoo


The Rose Tattoo

Version of Tennessee Williams' earthy play about Italians in Louisiana, with Anna Magnani in an Oscar-winning performance as Serafina. As the film opens, she is still mourning the death of her beloved husband, constantly telling herself stories of their time together. Her fragile emotional existence is shattered when she discovers that her husband had been cheating on her with another woman.


Drama, Film, Romance, adaptation


Roland Vildo, Sandro Giglio, Virgil Osborne, Larry Chance, Georgia Simmons, Fred Taylor, Rosa Rey, Dorrit Kelton, Roger Gunderson, Albert Atkins, Lewis Charles, Florence Sundstrom, Virginia Grey, Burt Lancaster, Jo Van Fleet, Marisa Pavan, Rossana San Marco, Ben Cooper, Jeanne Hart, Anna Magnani, Zolya Talma, George Humbert, Mimi Aguglia, Augusta Merighi, Margherita Pasquero, May Lee


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