A Wedding for Bella


A Wedding for Bella

Touching slice-of-life romance about a baker (Scott Baio) and his landlady's daughter (Kristin Minter), who cook up a plan to fulfill her dying mother's final wish. The film was written, directed and co-produced by Melissa Martin, and it could have been called "My Big Fat Italian Engagement." Martin knows of what she speaks---her real-life husband owns an Italian bakery in Pittsburgh, where the movie is set.


Comedy, Drama, Romance


Jennie Martin, Nardi Novak, Marty Sheets, Kim Martin, Paula Carroll, Mary Harvey, Manik Bhojwani, Nick Tallo, Daniel Catanzaro, Adrienne Wehr, Rosemary Prinz, John Seitz, Fred Lehman, Billy Mott, Kevin Lageman, Rose Bray, Scott Baio, Dan Stafford, Jody O'Donnell, Bingo O'Malley, Nancy Bach, Shuler Hensley, John Amplas, Rachel McCartney, Kristin Minter, Philip Winters, John Bechtol, Barbara Thomas, Katherine McKenna


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