American Race


American Race

NBA star Charles Barkley goes on a personal journey to explore race and divisions in America.





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In this episode...
Host Charles Barkley visits Baltimore to explore police and race relations in the premiere of this four-part series in which Barkley takes a journey across the country to examine race and division in America.
In this episode...
The topic is Muslims in America. Here, host Charles Barkley heads to Irving, Texas, to explore the state of Muslim-American relations, and he visits with Muslim-Americans, militants and lawmakers.
In this episode...
The impact of images of race and the media's portrayals of race are explored when Charles Barkley travels to Los Angeles. Among those sharing insight: rapper Dumbfounded; Ice Cube; Norman Lear; the comedy troupe Upright Citizens Brigade; and entertainment-industry professionals.
In this episode...
Division in America is explored when Charles Barkley heads to Atlanta in the finale, which also puts the focus on immigration. Barkley meets undocumented residents; civic leaders; civil-rights activist C.T. Vivian; and alt-right figure Richard Spencer.