Another Thin Man


Another Thin Man

Sleuthing couple Nick and Nora Charles are called in -- with their dog Asta and a new baby -- to help investigate the case of an explosives manufacturer who is sure a shady character is out to get him. Look for Shemp Howard, of the Three Stooges, in a small role.


Comedy, Crime, Drama, Romance


William Tannen, Harry Bellaver, Paul Newlan, Bert Roach, Nat Pendleton, Abner Biberman, John Kelly, Otto Kruger, Matty Fain, Ralph Dunn, Milt Kibbee, Milton Parsons, Martin Garralaga, George Guhl, Horace MacMahon, William Powell, Paul 'Tiny' Newlan, Alphonse Martell, Nestor Paiva, Joseph Downing, Myrna Loy, Joe Devlin, Sheldon Leonard, Thomas E. Jackson, Milton Kibbee, Phyllis Gordon, Marjorie Main, Frank Sully, Paul E. Burns, C. Aubrey Smith, Patric Knowles, Don Costello, Virginia Grey, Murray Alper, Alex D'Arcy, Edward Hearn, Muriel Hutchison, Asta the Dog, Thomas Jackson, Ruth Hussey, Edward Gargan, Doodles Weaver, Horace McMahon, Tom Neal, Nell Craig, William A. Poulsen, Alberto Morin, Dick Elliott, Shemp Howard


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