Big Time Rush, Living It Big Time!


Big Time Rush, Living It Big Time!

Go on big-time adventures with Big Time Rush! James goes through Hollywood fever, Kendall needs relationship help from the Jennifers, the boys all compete for the title of Prom King, and lots of secrets are revealed!





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In this episode...
The guys are continuing to live their Hollywood dream, however James, Logan & Carlos begin showing odd behavior.
In this episode...
The Palm Woods school is having it's annual Prom and Carlos, James, Logan and Kendall are all determined to win the prom king title, doing whatever it takes to win.
In this episode...
Secrets are being kept at the Palm Woods. Kendall and Camille are spending a lot of time together making Logan suspicious. James reveals he never told Carlos that Heather Fox, Carlos' camp crush, liked him.
In this episode...
The guys get to hang out at Griffin's beach house for a day and invite the Palm Woods kids along. Carlos and Logan hunt for buried treasure, James falls for a pretty girl who he suspects is a mermaid, and Kendall Jo's relationship hits the skids.