Doctor Who: Frontios


Doctor Who: Frontios

The planet Frontios, in the distant future. Following Earth's destruction, a tiny colony struggles to eke out a life on a desolate world — a world that buries its own dead…


Sci-Fi & Fantasy



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In this episode...
As a strange force takes hold of the TARDIS, the Doctor and his companions find themselves grounded in the inhospitable planet of Frontios. They find the last survivors of the human race scratching out a desperate existence far away from their long dead homeworld.
In this episode...
The Doctor, still trying to come to terms with the loss of the TARDIS, is surrounded by an impromptu firing squad of Orderlies. Norna stands in the line of fire, pointing out that even if the Doctor is an invader he will at least know why the colony is under attack. But the Doctor needs to come up with answers, and quickly!
In this episode...
Tegan manages to distract the Tractators and breaks their grip on the Doctor and Norna. Tegan helps Norna flee to safety while the Doctor keeps the Tractators occupied, but when she returns to help, the gravity beam traps them both.
In this episode...
The Gravis seems to know the Doctor by reputation, and is intrigued when Tegan inadvertently reveals that they travelled to Frontios by TARDIS. As the Tractators have been marooned on Frontios for centuries, the Gravis is obsessed with any means of travel.