Gaycation With Ellen Page & Ian Daniel


Gaycation With Ellen Page & Ian Daniel

The hosts travel to LGBTQ communities around the world to explore the diversity of cultures and experiences of those who have faced adversity for expressing their sexual identity.


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In this episode...
In the series premiere, Ellen and Ian explore the contradictions surrounding the LGBTQ community in Japan by immersing themselves in the culture and meeting people who have struggled with the nation's ambiguous stance on homosexuality.
In this episode...
A visit to Rio de Janeiro explores how Brazil's queer community manages to live in a place that has the highest LGBTQ murder rate in the world.
In this episode...
Ellen and Ian travel to Jamaica, a country notorious for its homophobia, and explore how the area's gay community is perceived.
In this episode...
Ellen and Ian go on a road trip from Iowa to New York City, during which they explore both the progress and setbacks of the LGBTQ movement in the United States.