Gods and Monsters


Gods and Monsters

Ian McKellen gives a brilliant, Oscar-nominated performance in this fictionalized account of the last days of James Whale, a gay Hollywood director who made such classic horror movies as "Frankenstein" and "The Invisible Man." Brendan Fraser costars as a young, heterosexual landscaper with whom Whale develops a platonic relationship. Lynn Redgrave, Lolita Davidovich, David Dukes.


Biography, Drama


Owen Masterson, Arthur Dignam, Jesse James, Cornelia Hayes O'Herlihy, Lisa Darr, Jesse H. Long, Kent George, Paul Michael Sandberg, Jack Betts, Brendan Fraser, Ian McKellen, David Dukes, Lynn Redgrave, Pamela Salem, Brandon Kleyla, John Gatins, Jack Plotnick, Rosalind Ayres, Martin Ferrero, David Fabrizio, Mark Kiely, James Lecesne, Lisa Vastine, Matt McKenzie, David Millbern, Michael O'Hagan, Amir Aboulela, Kevin J. O'Connor, Todd Babcock, Sarah Ann Morris, Judson Mills, Lolita Davidovich


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