Nickelodeon's Halloween Haunt!


Nickelodeon's Halloween Haunt!

Grab your leftover Halloween candy and settle in for a two-part crossover of Haunted Hathaways and The Thundermans! Then, a costume disaster unfolds on Henry Danger and watch as the quads prepare for the Halloween dance on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, & Dawn!





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In this episode...
After a supervillain escapes Ghost World on Halloween, the Thundermans head to New Orleans to join forces with the Hathaways and the Prestons to defeat the ghoul.
In this episode...
When Jasper goes as Kid Danger for Halloween, he takes things too far and is mistaken for the real deal. It's then up to the real Kid Danger and Captain Man to come to his rescue.
In this episode...
The Quads are excited for the Halloween dance, as are Tom and Anne, who will chaperone. Dawn is scared she will be asked to the dance, Ricky and Dicky compete over a girl, and Nicky chooses a perfect costume while Josie DJs.