Rapid Response Corps


Rapid Response Corps

A team of three broke but energetic young men of enterprise, early thirties, have set-up a partnership—a private company—with the purpose of finding their way to the world of prosperity. The team has its Boss, Vasko, its driver (and, incidentally, its ladies man) Gecata and its IT expert, Boreto. The company’s only assets are a minivan and the boys ingenuity and brains. But you can still rely on them for anything! They will save your hapless cat from the dangerous heights of a tree or investigate a convoluted espionage affaire, all for a small fee, of course. The actual plotline evolves around the Corps being hired by an attractive lady. She suspects her husband in infidelity. The team discovers that, indeed, the gentleman is having an affair with another, young, attractive lady. However, they also uncover another secret: the husband is in the head of a crime syndicate. While secretly recording a conversation between members of the syndicate, the team finds out that the underground organization’s new business is the counterfeit of the 500 Euro bill, aiming to flood the local and European markets with fakes. Vasko realizes the disclosure of this planned criminal affair has the potential to become the stepping stone on the way to big success. So the team throws itself into the investigation with great energy and zeal, and their adventures begin...


Action & Adventure



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