Walking Tall


Walking Tall

The Rock speaks softly and carries a big stick in this action-packed remake of the 1973 drive-in hit. He plays an ex-Army officer who returns to his small home town and becomes sheriff to fight a war against vice and corruption.


Action, Action_Adventure, Crime, Drama, Film, action/adventure, crime drama, remake


Ashley Scott, Tom Scholte, John Beasley, Kristen Wilson, Kaja Gjesdal, Cobie Smulders, Douglas Sheridan, Ben Cardinal, Jacqueline Stewart, Dwayne Johnson, Andrew Tarbet, Sandra Steier, Barbara Tarbuck, Aaron Douglas, Michael Soltis, Kevin Durand, Darcy Laurie, David Purvis, Melody Tinesa Cherpaw, Johnny Knoxville, Sara Smith, Eric Breker, April Telek, Terence Kelly, Ana Mirkovic, Ty Olsson, Alana Drozduke, Fred Keating, Sandra Higueras, Mark Houghton, Michael D. Adamthwaite, Khleo (Khaleed) Thomas, Neal McDonough, James Ashcroft, Beverley Elliott, Patrick Gallagher, John Stewart, Eric Keenleyside, Chelsie Amber McEachnie, Ben Cotton, Michael Bowen, Katina Robillard, Ryan Robbins, Rita Theresa Edwards, Kett Turton


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