Wild at Heart


Wild at Heart

A British veterinarian and his family relocate to the South African bush to open a nature preserve.


Documentary, Drama, drama & soaps, nature


Siyabonga Melongisi Shibe, Amanda Holden, Dawn Steele, Deon Stewardson, Nomsa Xaba, Rafaella Hutchinson, Lucy-Jo Hudson, Luke Ward-Wilkinson, Bushi Lurayi, Martinus Van Der Berg, Gary Lawson, Hayley Mills, Stephen Tompkinson, Juliet Mills


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In this episode...
The Trevanion family travels from Bristol, England, to South Africa on a family vacation, but during their visit, they receive an enticing offer to stay permanently.
In this episode...
After upsetting several family members, Evan convinces his sister Olivia to run away with him.
In this episode...
The Trevanion family must accommodate unexpected visitors; Rosie and Sarah go to Tate's for a spa day and a misunderstanding ensues.
In this episode...
Animal poachers are caught invading the reserve and it's discovered one of them has contracted a disease from the animals, putting everyone at risk.