As a Pay TV Operator, your customers typically pay a premium for your service and rightfully have high expectations. Given the current trend of cord-cutting; your offering must evolve quickly in order to retain it’s attractiveness to current and prospective customers.

One of the key aspects of your proposition is likely to be technology. An area that continually offers new opportunities to differentiate your products and services. In fact, it can help frame competitor products as complementary to your offering.

To achieve a leading technology stack is not easy. In such a fast-moving and high-performing area, end-users of your technology have little time for substandard products or tolerance for slow release cycles. Your products are not just compared to your direct competitors but to the entire spectrum of consumer technologies.

When it comes to the build vs buy debate, at Utelly we believe our existing and continually evolving solutions can help you compress delivery timelines as well as serving your customers with technology that remains cutting edge. Be that aggregation of different data feeds to provide a single clean, unified and enriched source of metadata. Application of Machine Learning to analyse and extract value from historical viewer data. Or powering world-class content discovery features cross-platform.

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