Smart TVs or TVs with a Set-Top-Box are ordinarily at the centre of a household’s interaction with video entertainment. Supporting applications form the majority of the big content providers, as well as linear and catch-up TV. As a result, the sheer quantity and variety of content available to a viewer are vast.

Although all this content in once place is fantastic, there are several unique challenges to being able to provide a great User Experience. Plus many ways this can be enhanced to truly differentiate your product.

Our experience working with Smart TV & STB Providers means that we’re perfectly positioned to apply our technology to your problem-set. From providing unified metadata through ingestion and aggregation of various feeds and matching with core metadata from a provider of your choosing. You can then offer viewers an aggregated view of available content rather than a series of unconnected catalogues within individual applications.


All of this is available through a set of search and recommendation APIs to provide a truly personalised experience and drive maximum value from interactions with your platform. Also built into our white label applications are a toolbox of features that means it can be configured to be the perfect companion application.