• Ingestion and Aggregation Engine

    Foundation component of our platform

    Its primary role is to bring all external sources together and perform data matching, cleansing and insertion into the central repository.

  • Business Rules Engine

    Consistency of Client’s logic across all services

    Sitting between the aggregated metadata and the various services, it acts as a focal point to apply all custom configurations of the Client.

  • Recommendation Engine

    Content suggestions using advanced ML techniques

    Initially, the Recommendation Engine uses demographics to build content suggestions, then ‘learns’ from users behaviour (like/dislike/watch, etc…).

  • Search Engine

    Foundation component of our platform

    Our search engine indexes content across all services and allows attributes and/or full-text search, with multilingual support.

  • Promotion Engine

    Foundation component of our platform

    Any content, provider or channel can be promoted to highly targetable audience, by overlaying content discovery with promotional campaigns.

Lean-back vs Lean-forward experience

Consumers rarely have the same consumption pattern over time and across services like Live TV versus On-Demand.  Therefore, Utelly is built on the knowledge that ‘one content suggestion does not fit all’ so it delivers a composite discovery experience, made of directed search (‘lean-forward’), ML suggestions and trending content (‘lean-back’), as well as editorialised/promotional playlists.


Delivering aggregated metadata and content discovery is only the beginning for the Consumer. Beyond immediate consumption (via streaming, deep-links or set top box tune-in), Utelly allows consumers to monitor shows for availability and price alerts.


By creating a consumer profile across all  services, Utelly unlocks the potential of behavioural marketing for Clients to grow the stickiness of the consumer experience.


Thanks to the Utelly platform, consumer behavioural data provides the building blocks for Clients to up-sell consumers, reduce churn and offer advertisers new hyper targeted audiences.