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Pay TV Operators

Aggregating various feeds & matching with metadata to produce a unified dataset is a significant technical challenge. It is a problem we can solve for you.

OTT Providers

Content search and discovery is not easy to get right but is fundamental to good user experience in your D2C products. With our comprehensive experience in this area, we can help you deliver this functionality.

Mobile Operators

Differentiating your brand in such a competitive landscape is an ever-evolving challenge. Let us help you on this journey.

Smart TV & Set-top Box Providers

When a household shares hardware user profiling for recommendations can prove a costly problem to solve. Our experience includes the application of Machine Learning Models for this problem.

Digital Publishers

Being able to reflect the availability of content across Broadcast, Catch-up and VOD services is essential to your offering. We can provide this through our enriched metadata.

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How we deliver our outstanding solutions

Ingestion and Aggregation Engine

Its primary role is to bring all external sources together and perform data matching, cleansing and insertion into the central repository

Business Rules Engine

Sitting between the aggregated metadata and the various services, it acts as a focal point to apply all custom configurations of the Client

Recommendation Engine

Initially, the Recommendation Engine uses demographics to build content suggestions, then ‘learns’ from users behaviour (like/dislike/watch, etc…)

Search Engine

Our search engine indexes content across all services and allows attributes and/or full-text search, with multilingual support

Promotion Engine

Any content, provider or channel can be promoted to a highly targetable audience, by overlaying content discovery with promotional campaigns