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For The Entertainment Industry

Metadata aggregation, AI/ML enrichments, search & recommendation APIs, CMS and promotion engine: Utelly brings the best content discovery toolkit
for TV & OTT Clients.
Content discovery for TV and OTT on mobile and big screen, to delight consumers
Need advanced enrichments for your metadata?
Want access to APIs for personalised content recommendations?
Need universal search on your OTT platform?
Let Utelly help out!

From Metadata to Content Discovery

Utelly content discovery platform overview to Extract, Load and Transform data, into Search and Recommendations APIs

Metadata Aggregation

Foundation Data Component

We ingest core metadata catalogues to provide a universal view of the content available, along with ingesting individual feeds which are matched with the core metadata to provide an enriched unified dataset ready for powering Content Discovery.

Metadata Enrichment

Advanced Data Component

Our AI enrichment modules allow sparse data sets to be enhanced and then used to achieve improved content discovery experiences.

Universal Search

Content Discovery Component

Our search can be indexed on individual catalogues or a universal dataset, to provide entertainment-focused search capability which is a future-proof approach to providing your customers with a great search experience.

Recommendation Engine

Content Discovery Component

Our powerful recommendation engine leverages the latest ML/AI techniques to generate personalised recommendations based on key indicators identified throughout a user life cycle along with ingesting datasets to combine with explicit user signals, allows us to provide a constructive solution.

Promotion Engine

Commercial Component

Helping consumers find the content they want to watch from across various catalogues is a must-do. However, as commercial enterprises, our clients must also comply with various business rules and constraints. To this end, our technology helps them promote specific content to targeted audiences to drive engagement.

Retention Engine

Commercial Component

It is vital to keep consumers engaged with content in and around your products. By understanding user engagement patterns and co-ordinating targeted campaigns, Utelly's CRM integrations will help to ensure the full potential of your offerings is realised by your users.

Utelly search function and content library.

How can Utelly help you?

With a proliferation of video entertainment products and services available to consumers, it is important to differentiate yours.

Some industry use cases where Content Discovery is a key differentiator for consumer products

Pay TV Operators

The #newTV has arrived and it is a blend of linear Live TV, on-demand content, OTT services. It is available across devices and brings a ton of new challenges for TV operators. Our platform has been built from the ground up to support the digital transformation that the TV industry must undertake. Let us help you take your product to the next level.

Mobile Operators

Differentiating your brand in such a competitive landscape is an ever-evolving challenge. Mobiles are the conduit to Entertainment on the go. This creates a massive opportunity of Operators to go beyond moving voice and data over their networks.

SmartTV & STB Providers

For a lot of consumers, Smart TVs and Set-Top Boxes are the delivery hero for Entertainment. Expectations are high and it is a constant race to innovate whilst growing a sustainable business. Utelly SaaS has been built to power discovery on such devices and allow you to fast-track your innovative products. Let us help you take your product to the next level.

Digital Publishers

Being able to reflect the availability of content across Broadcast, Catch-up and VOD services is fundamental to a comprehensive offering. Conventional TV Guides historically have had huge followings but the advent of OTT and on-demand is challenging their content model. The Utelly APIs offer a smooth transformation path for such challenges.

OTT Providers

Content discovery is not easy to get right but is fundamental to a good UX. Our search and recommendation technologies can help you build a solid foundation on which to drive user engagement. Once your content catalogue goes beyond a few hundred assets, consumers start to struggle to find what they want, and churn becomes a tangible threat. Let Utelly give you the superpowers you need to thrive and delight your consumers.