Universal Search Engine

Why search when you can find? Answer this question and your business will thrive on high NPS, improved retention and ultimately higher ARPU.

Although the case for providing your customers with great search is clear, it is not necessarily easy to get there. Initial implementation costs are typically high. Plus the ongoing demands of refinement, maintenance and enhancements. Our Search Engine offers a future-proof approach to providing your customers with a great search experience. With our extensive technical and domain expertise, you will get search technology purpose-built for finding video entertainment content.

Content Recommendation Engine for TV and OTT

Finding is always better than searching

Search successes like Google come from a deep understanding of user behaviours to deliver the best experience in the context of the user, at this very moment. Understanding user input and context are essentials to deliver on this promise, with the support of a TV/OTT optimised engine.

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The Anatomy of a Top Search Engine for Live & OTT

Standard features
Handle user errors
Handle User Entry Errors
Real world searches regularly contain spelling mistakes, typos and incorrect word order.
Search by entity
Search by Entity (people, genre,etc..)
People, genre, themes etc... are key start points for search in the world of OTT and TV.
Handle synonyms
Handle Synonyms
Use of synonyms is common place making it absolute search essential.
Handle partial matches
Handle Partial Match
For speed searches often ommit the first or last few letters or words of the query.
Dramatically reduces time to value, with potential for a 2x improvement in conversions!
Universal search
Universal Search
Allows for better answers than the dreaded 'No Results Found'.
Related results
Related Results
Addresses the 'why' rather that the 'what' when it comes to search.
Adaptive search
Adaptive Search
At any given moment surface search trends and popular results.
Filter by attributes
Filter By Attributes
Content metadata attributes provide logical groupings for users to filter results

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Aggregating various feeds & matching with metadata to produce a unified dataset is a significant technical challenge. It is a problem we can solve for you.