Use Cases

How Utelly's technology and experience can help speed up your time to market and drive your success.
Pay TV Operators
Ensure your viewers can make the most of your unique and premium content offering. Offer them a unified content discovery experience across your range of products.
OTT Providers
Content Discovery is one of the biggest challenges for an OTT Provider, which is why getting the fundamentals right is key for an exceptional UX. Our Search and Recommendation technologies can help you build a solid foundation.
Mobile Operators
Differentiating your offering in a highly competitive market is an ever-evolving challenge. If you're looking to incorporate an entertainment component we can help.
Smart TV & STB Providers
As gatekeeper to an ever growing number of channels and services, there exists a multitude of opportunities to improve the content discovery experience and drive new revenue streams.
Digital Publishers
Being able to reflect the availability of content across the entertainment landscape is fundamental to a comprehensive offering. We can help boost your offering to your users by enriching your metadata and help drive new revenue streams with our promotion and retention engines.
Retrieve content availability and trends across Netflix, HBO, Prime and dozens of other streaming platforms with Utelly’s endpoints.

Learn how we can help you

Aggregating various feeds & matching with metadata to produce a unified dataset is a significant technical challenge. It is a problem we can solve for you.