Metadata Aggregation Engine for TV, OTT and short-form content

Bring all your metadata sources together (internal and 3rd party) to perform data cleansing, matching and insertion into our unified repository.

This component of our technology stack handles the reality that there is a multitude of data relating to video content and often in varying formats.
To achieve our standard of One Data, we ingest core metadata catalogues to provide a universal view of the content available. Followed by ingestion of individual feeds which are matched with the core metadata to provide an enriched dataset, Utelly One Data.

With the full flexibility to combine and add data as required, this becomes the foundation for the remaining components of the platform. It can also be deployed standalone to solve this problem and provide our clients with a unified and enriched dataset for use by their existing technology stack.

Ingest any feed: yours and 3rd parties

JSON, XML, CSV, APIs, etc... metadata catalogs often come in all shapes and forms.
Our engine can ingest any format!

Clean & normalise your metadata

Once the data enters the aggregation engine, it needs to be cleaned and brought to a high standard of consistency.
When data cleansing is complete, data is normalised using established dictionaries and predefined ontologies.

Match to 3rd party reference namespaces

The power of our aggregation engine resides its ability to match disjointed dataset together and connect assets from different namespace, such as those of industry leaders like Gracenote, Rovi/Tivo, IVA, MediaPress, IMDb and others.

Unify into a central metadata repository

Once all ingest, cleansing, matching are complete, all metadata is stored in a single repository which serves as the source of exports back into our Client platforms, as well as the foundation dataset for our content discovery service layer.

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