Content Discovery Platform

A modular stack to fast-track your products time to market

Over the recent years, the world of TV has changed dramatically. Discovery is a real challenge for consumers faced with so much choice. At Utelly, our products address this very problem.
Starting with metadata aggregation, intelligent cross-linking between assets and AI/ML data enrichments. On top of this is a layer that includes world-class universal search, recommendations engine, content promotion and intelligent monetization.
All delivered as SaaS, to level-up your digital media products.

Metadata Aggregation

Utelly metadata aggregation engine can be used as a stand alone product and integrated into existing infrastructure. As the cornerstone of our integrated discovery platform, it allows our clients to offer consumers the unified discovery experience they are looking for.

Metadata Enrichment

By applying AI and proprietary heuristics to our Unified Metadata Repository, our engine creates the missing links between assets, people, locations, genres, etc...
The metadata graph is then enriched by applying NLP and M/L models to auto-tag content.

Universal Search

Consumers expect 'google quality' from your search and it is hard and expensive to achieve such a level on your own. Utelly universal engine is optimized for the TV&OTT domain, delivering fast-time to market and high value at a fraction of the cost of a DYI implementation.

Recommendation Engine

As consumers step away from the search box, they look for freshness, to be delighted, and often a certain 'je ne sais quoi' which they struggle to express. This is where the AI kicks in, picking up on signals that humans don't notice and delivering a degree of serendipity.

Promotion Engine

Helping consumers find content they want to watch from across various catalogs is a must-do. However, as commercial enterprises, our clients must also comply with various business rules and constraints. To this end, our technology helps them promote specific content to targeted audiences.

Retention Engine

Once consumers are onboarded in your products, it is paramount to keep them engaged with content in and around your products. Utelly's platform offers CRM integrations for push notifications, emails marketings as well as monetisation such as affiliate links and bounties for content partners.

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Aggregating various feeds & matching with metadata to produce a unified dataset is a significant technical challenge. It is a problem we can solve for you.

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