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The partnership between our CEO and CTO spans more than 10 years, and the two of them have 15 years of experience working in UK startups. We’re also winners of the inaugural BT Infinity Lab competition, a scheme that encourages tech startups to develop apps that capitalise on superfast broadband.

At Utelly, we believe that TV content discovery is broken. In the past, TV was simple: a few channels and a TV screen. Then, with the advent of cable/pay TV and the internet, it became progressively more complicated. Today, there are hundreds of linear TV channels, thousands of shows available through on-demand and catch-up services, and millions of additional videos on YouTube. This has affected consumers and TV professionals alike.

For viewers, the choice is overwhelming; we’re overloaded with TV content and it’s caused us to be fiddling between channels, providers, and services which is counter-intuitive. Utelly brings all content sources into a single app, making content discovery enjoyable again. At the tap of a finger, the content plays on a device or on the TV/Set-top box.

For TV professionals, it is becoming progressively more difficult and expensive to reach out to the right audience across an evermore complicated landscape of devices and media, which is why Utelly offers a new marketing toolkit to drive the right audience to the right content, hence bringing to market a new kind of performance marketing from digital to broadcast. Utelly’s powerful recommendation engine can also help deliver your product to a targeted audience who are hungry to find new, exciting shows.