Supercharge your entertainment app with Utelly APIs.

Retrieve content availability and trends across Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, and dozens of other streaming platforms with Utelly API endpoints.
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Search API

Search by title or by 3rd-party ID

Search and access millions of TV series, shows, and movies from Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Apple TV, and dozens of other streaming platforms.

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Trends API

Get VOD trending content

Request VOD trends across the US and UK across dozens of platforms with advanced filtering options and real-time updates.

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Enterprise Solutions

Deploy the best-in-class, content
discovery toolkit

Maximise user retention with cutting- edge content recommendations, metadata management and universal search for your platform with Utelly's all-in-one solution.

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How it works

Step 1 - Sign up for a free RapidAPI account,

Step 2 - Subscribe to one of the many Utelly APIs,

Step 3 - Execute the chosen endpoint with a single click and,

Step 4 - Use the resulting code snippet in your preferred programming language.

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