Metadata Enrichments

Metadata Cross-Linking & AI Enrichments

Our AI enrichment modules allow sparse data sets to be enhanced and then built upon to deliver great content discovery experiences to end-users.

Content Recommendation Engine for TV and OTT

Depth, Originality & Quality

Once you have a data flow setup on the Utelly Platform it is a straightforward configuration change to enable any of the supported enrichments. It is also possible to add your own custom enrichments within the data flow framework we have designed.

Sources of Enrichment

Named Entity Recognition (NER)
Add contextual tags to your content to enable "Topification".
Content Cross-Linking
Link to external references on the web and across social media platforms.
Localise content for consumption in other territories.
Add content availability on other channels and services.
Third party LicenceD
Add YouTube or IVA Studio trailers to your content.
Supplement content with user & critics ratings from IVA, RottenTomatoes, TMDb or IMDb.
Extensive stock of content posters, banner images & stills.
Offer new navigation paths in the data by linking moods and emotions tags from specialist providers

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Aggregating various feeds & matching with metadata to produce a unified dataset is a significant technical challenge. It is a problem we can solve for you.