To build rich user and multi-user profiles, we identify key indicators throughout the user life cycle, as well as offering the option to ingest existing datasets. These profiles are used in conjunction with our enriched metadata, realtime trending topics, and understanding of the wider user-base, to power our world-class recommendation engine.

There is a huge variation when it comes to individual consumption patterns and behaviours. This is exacerbated with the mixing of linear and on-demand content. Many existing solutions fail in the content landscape of today. Our nuanced approach to the challenge allows us to offer a much more effective solution.

What makes us special?


  • Built on rich universal metadata
  • Inclusion of topic & mood data
  • Social listeners for trend detection
  • Integration of existing viewing data
  • Powerful pattern detection
  • Blend of linear and OD content

Our Products

Content Discovery Platform

As a core component of the platform, a great search experience comes as standard, no matter the chosen solution configuration.

Entertainment Search

Learn how our recommendation engine can be used to personalise search results and suggestions in our standalone search solution.